How to Earn Free Gems Brave Frontier

Posted: 2nd May 2017 by gaminghack in Journal

When playing Brave Frontier, you will find that the easiest and most effective way of you to secure gems is to pay for it with real money. While this may mean nothing to players that have the cash to splurge, to players that are not really willing to get their hard-earned funds spent on buying these gems, this can pose a real challenge. Good thing though, there are actually ways for players to earn free gems brave frontier.


Gems to earn

A player earns a gem by completing an area in the map. For instance, if you get all the stages in Mistral, you will be rewarded with a single gem as a result.


There are daily login bonuses that are awarded to players as well. This often gives one a slight chance to win gems as a result.


Completing the Vortex dungeons will allow you to get a gem as well. For instance, if you have successfully completed all of the stages for the Caves of Desire from Level 1 to 3, you get a free gem as a reward.


There is a chance for you to secure a gem at the arena since it does offer gems as a reward when it comes to certain rankings.


The Frontier Hunter is also another way for one to earn lots of gems it may not always be available, but if you get far into the dungeon, there is a good chance that you will encounter it and will be able to earn gems for free off of it as a result.


There are also players that opt for the alternative route of working a bit and the earning some money through surveys as well as watching videos and playing video games money that the can then use to buy the gems that they need.





This is another option for those people that wish to earn free gems. Here, one gets points by completing certain tasks such as playing games or taking surveys. All that one needs to do is to first sign up and they can then start earning once the accent has been activated through getting it confirmed through email.


It is very easy to earn points. Among the daily tasks that one need to do include soup daily bonuses, survey tasks, as well as playing games. It is important to note though that the option to play games may require an initial investment of point. Accumulating points until it reaches 1000 means that it can then be exchanged with a $10 Google Play or iTunes card that can then be used to get any items of the game.



One needs to sign up first. The website is designed to allow members to earn points that are known as swags. A swag is equivalent to a cent. Once you have accumulated a total of 500 swags, it can be exchanged for $5 as a Facebook credit or gift card.


You will need to use the search bar for Swagbucks in order to start earning swags. After a set amount of searchers, you get to ears some Swagbucks as a reward. This could range from 2 to 10 points. Just see to it though that the searches you make are not the same ones every day so you will note accused of just trying to get the system gamed.


Installing their toolbar works too. This is a good way to do searches without any need for you to have to go to their actual homepage.


Doing the daily pool allows you to earn Swagbucks. Every pool will net one easy swag.


Coupon printing is also another idea to pursue. This gives one a total of 10 extra Swagbucks for every single coupon that is printed. Jut see to it though that you will print out only the ones that you do use in real life.


Completing special offers is not a bad idea too. From time to time, there are special offers that will be extended to you where you will be required to like a page or a promotion of some items and then you e to earn some swags as a result.


Taking trusted surveys is also effective. While they may take time, as long as you have plenty of time to spare, this is one surefire way of earning those much-coveted points.


There are also a lot of people that were able to get free gems brave frontier by playing games. For people that do excel at a game that they have, then joining tournaments and winning them will help you earn tons of Swagbucks that can then be converted to gems when playing the Brave Frontier game.



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